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Message From Director

“Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not preparation for life, but education is life itself.” In this era of globalization, the utmost urge is pace. Absolute knowledge of management and corporate wisdom is indeed most impotent.

. of the TeacherDegination
01PhysicsScienceSchool of ScienceDr. Sudhakar SinghProfessor & Director
02PhysicsScienceSchool of ScienceMr. Santosh BaheAssistant Professor
03PhysicsScienceSchool of ScienceMr. Bhupendra BhaskarAssistant Professor
04PhysicsScienceSchool of ScienceMrs. Sushma BisenAssistant Professor
05PhysicsScienceSchool of Science Mr. Dilip Patle Assistant Professor
06PhysicsScienceSchool of Science Mr. Ajay VaidyaAssistant Professor
07Computer Science & ApplicationScienceSchool of Science Mr. Kamlesh Singh PariharAssistant Professor
08Computer Science & ApplicationScience.School of Science Ms. Vijyant TembhareAssistant Professor
09Computer Science & ApplicationScienceSchool of Science Ms. Mansi PatleAssistant Professor
10Computer Science & ApplicationScienceSchool of Science Ms. Pratibha SinghAssistant Professor
11Computer Science & ApplicationScienceSchool of Science Ms. Priya NandaAssistant Professor
12Computer Science & ApplicationScienceSchool of Science Ms. Anita ShendeAssistant Professor
13MathematicsScienceSchool of Science Dr. Jaya Singh KushwahProfessor
14MathematicsScienceSchool of Science Dr. Sandeep KumarAssistant Professor
15MathematicsScienceSchool of Science Mr. Shirish SoniAssistant Professor
16MathematicsScienceSchool of Science Mr. Rajesh PalewarAssistant Professor
17MathematicsScienceSchool of Science Ms. Koushal BisenAssistant Professor
18MathematicsScienceSchool of Science Ms. Bharti HarinkhedeAssistant Professor
19MathematicsScienceSchool of Science Mr. Rajesh SaratheAssistant Professor
20Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Dr. Sampat GhoshAssoc.Prof.
21Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Dr. Navneeta ShrivastavaAsst.Prof. & HOD
22Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Dr. Shubhi MishraAssistant Professor
23Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Ms. Jyoti RahangdaleAssistant Professor
24Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Mr. Rajesh LilhareAssistant Professor
25Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Mr. Chandrakant BaheshwarAssistant Professor
26Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Mr. Mahendra BagheleAssistant Professor
27Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Mr. Manoj SinghAssistant Professor
28Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Mr. K.K. ShivhareAssistant Professor
29Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science Mr. Snehil WahghadeAssistant Professor
30ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Dr. Satyaveer SinghProfessor
31ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Dr. Praveen Kumar MeenaProf. / Assoc. Prof.
32ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Ms. Afshin AliAssistant Professor
33ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Ms. Minakshi HarinkhedeAssistant Professor
34ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Mr. Ankush VaidhyaAssistant Professor
35ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Mr. Bhupendra Sapate Assistant Professor
36ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Ms. Durga RahangdaleAssistant Professor
37ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Mr. GourishankarAssistant Professor
38ChemistryScienceSchool of Science Mr. Amrendra Pratap SinghAssistant Professor
S.No. Course Branch Intake Duration Eligibility
01 Science B.Sc.(Computer Science) 3 Year's 12th(PCM/PCB)
02 Science B.Sc.(Maths) 3 Year's 12th(PCM)
03 Science B.Sc.(Chemistry) 3 Year's 12th (PCB)
04 Science B.Sc.(Bio.Technology) 3 Year's 12th (PCB)
05 Science M.Sc.(Physics) 2 Year's B.Sc.
06 Science M.Sc.(Chemistry) 2 Year's B.Sc.
07 Science M.Sc.(Mathematics) 2 Year's B.Sc.
08 Science M.Sc.(Bio.Technology) 2 Year's B.Sc.
09 Science M.Sc.(Botany) 2 Year's B.Sc.
10 Science M.Sc.(Zoology) 2 Year's B.Sc.
11 Computer Application BCA 3 Year's 12th
12 Computer Application PGDCA One Year's Gradution
13 Computer Application DCA One Year's 12th