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The academic programme of this department has been designed to meet the requirement of the latest technological developments and meeting state-of-the-art facilities with high quality education and interdisciplinary research in all branches of science.
Our vision is “TOGETHER FOR BETTER TOMORROW” and our mantra of Success is “LEARN TODAY and LEAD TOMORROW”. We practice and teach to our students that “JOY OF LIVING IS IN JOY OF GIVING”.
So that, the novelty of above mentionvision lies in its interdisciplinary approach, exposure with nature and its principle and knowing in-depth in the disciplines of Physics.

The core mission of the department is to impart students with logical thinking, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills; to equip them with more technological skills and scientific computing techniques based on chapters related to the Physics.We also focus on multidisciplinary research work in all fields of basic science.

The basic aims are:

1. To widen their horizon of knowledge with a focus on research papers;
2. Focus on value based education for intellectual enhancement to suit the context of globalization;
3. Introduce realistic application of Physics in related sciences; and to enable the student to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of mathematics.
4. Enable the student to appreciate the intrinsic aspects of Physics. Currently, Department of Physics offers Bachelors, Masters (both M.Sc. and M.Phil.), and Ph.D.programmes in the domain of different field of Physics.

Dr. Jai Prakash Yadav

In Charge Director


Message From Director “Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is not preparation for life, but education is life itself.” In this era of globalization, the utmost urge is pace. Absolute knowledge of management and corporate wisdom is indeed most important.


S.No. Department Faculty School Name of the Teacher Degination
01School of ScienceScienceSchool of Science & ResearchDr. Jai Prakash YadavProfessor & Director
02PhysicsScienceSchool of Science & ResearchMr. Santosh BaheAssistant Professor
03PhysicsScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Dilip Patle Assistant Professor
04MathematicsScienceSchool of Science & Research Dr. Jaya Singh KushwahProfessor
05MathematicsScienceSchool of Science & Research Dr. Sandeep KumarAssistant Professor
06MathematicsScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Shirish SoniAssistant Professor
07MathematicsScienceSchool of Science & Research Ms. Koushal BisenAssistant Professor
08MathematicsScienceSchool of Science & Research Ms. Bharti HarinkhedeAssistant Professor
09MathematicsScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Rajesh SaratheAssistant Professor
10Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science & Research Ms. Jyoti RahangdaleAssistant Professor
11Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Mahendra BagheleAssistant Professor
12Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Manoj SinghAssistant Professor
13Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. K.K. ShivhareAssistant Professor
14Life ScienceScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Snehil WahghadeAssistant Professor
15ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Dr. Satyaveer SinghProfessor
16ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Dr. Praveen Kumar MeenaProf. / Assoc. Prof.
17ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Ms. Afshin AliAssistant Professor
18ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Ms. Minakshi HarinkhedeAssistant Professor
19ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Bhupendra Sapate Assistant Professor
20ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Ms. Durga RahangdaleAssistant Professor
21ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. GourishankarAssistant Professor
22ChemistryScienceSchool of Science & Research Mr. Amrendra Pratap SinghAssistant Professor


S.No. Course Branch Intake Duration Eligibility
01 Science B.Sc.(Computer Science) 3 Year's 12th(PCM/PCB)
02 Science B.Sc.(Maths) 3 Year's 12th(PCM)
03 Science B.Sc.(Chemistry) 3 Year's 12th (PCB)
04 Science B.Sc.(Bio.Technology) 3 Year's 12th (PCB)
05 Science M.Sc.(Physics) 2 Year's B.Sc.
06 Science M.Sc.(Chemistry) 2 Year's B.Sc.
07 Science M.Sc.(Mathematics) 2 Year's B.Sc.
08 Science M.Sc.(Bio.Technology) 2 Year's B.Sc.(Bio.Technology)
09 Science M.Sc.(Botany) 2 Year's B.Sc.(Bio)
10 Science M.Sc.(Zoology) 2 Year's B.Sc.(Bio)